At the LCF, we are passionate about the sufficiency and power of God's Word to transform life. In every area of our ministry, our endeavour is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to those who don't yet know Him, and to equip Christians in law to become mature disciples who can disciple others, particularly in the legal profession. We have therefore developed an exciting Ministry Trainee programme to equip Christians to understand and handle God's Word, and to use it practically in the legal profession and in their local church.

The LCF Ministry Trainee programme is designed to complement voluntary work in a local evangelical church and Bible training with an LCF-approved provider such as Cornhill. In the initial 12 month period, Trainees will spend three days per week working with the LCF, gaining practical ministry experience as they work with law students and young lawyers in the Region, and will receive guidance and feedback as they do this. With the support of a local church (Trainees may suggest their current church or a church recommended by or agreed with the LCF) trainees will independently undertake a one-year Ministry Training Course and be involved in a specific area of church-based ministry.

The LCF has, through its membership and associated organisations, committed relationships with experienced lawyers in a variety of specialist practice areas. As part of the Trainee's training and development programme, the LCF will seek to identify and arrange a variety of work experience for the trainee in line with their areas of interest and skills.

At the end of the 12-month training period, we believe that our trainees will be uniquely equipped and experienced, to grow and serve as Christians in law and in their local church. Subject to funds and suitability, there will be the option of working with the LCF for two days per week for an additional 1–2 years alongside independent study to complete professional or other post-graduate legal qualifications. During the second and third year of a training programme with the LCF, and as part of the Trainee's ongoing training and development programme, we would agree the content of additional Bible and ministry training, and legal work experience.

Ministry Trainee (SYL Ministries North)

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Ministry Trainee (SYL Ministries Midlands/South-West)

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Closing date for SYL Ministries Trainee applications: 5pm, Wednesday 3 July 2019. We expect to hold interviews on Tuesday 16 and Thursday 18 July 2019.

Ministry Trainee (Europe)

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Closing date for Ministry Trainee (Europe) applications: 5pm, Wednesday 3 July 2019. We expect to hold interviews on Wednesday 24 July 2019.

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