The gospel has profound implications for the legal world. God has exalted Jesus and given him all authority in heaven and on earth.

He has inherited the rule of God's kingdom by which all of creation will be brought back under God's rule. Every area of the universe and sphere of human society belongs to our great Saviour, and as He is Creator, it all derives from him. This includes the nations and their laws, lawyers and their lives, justice and business! The LCF exists to bear witness to this truth:


The Lawyers' Christian Fellowship exists to bring the whole Good News of Jesus Christ within the legal world.


As a fellowship of Christian lawyers in the UK, our members encourage one another to:

  • Speak the good news: from within the legal profession.
  • Live the good news: living as godly lawyers.
  • Apply the good news: applying God's justice on the ground.
  • Promote the good news: working for good laws.

in every aspect of our profession, at home and abroad.

Christianity has brought enormous historical benefit within the British legal system. LCF, with its former patrons Lord Mackay and Lord Denning, continues in that tradition. We want to see society served by our legal system bringing people justice in substance as well as proper process, and to see such justice really helping the most vulnerable where it counts on the ground. In an age of scandals and corruption we want to help encourage an uncompromising commitment to integrity among everyone involved in the law.