There are more than 225,000 lawyers and law students in the UK today. Together, the legal profession provides the code and process for the order and stability of our society. They are a key group which works with people often at the sharp end of life, seeking to fix what is broken, and restore hope that has been lost. The LCF exists as a fellowship because of a collective imagination about the work of a Christian lawyer, and through a shared sense of responsibility for the communication of the Gospel in and through the legal profession.


The LCF is a membership organisation, because its Gospel mission is realised by its members: Christian Lawyers communicating the whole Gospel about Jesus Christ.


The whole of scripture points to Christ, whose life, death, burial and resurrection provide the only way to be forgiven by God and to enjoy life in all its fullness. The familiar Micah 6:8 text inspires our fellowship with its simple three-fold imperative, which moves Christian lawyers to retell the Jesus story through the medium of the legal profession. Theirs is a unique opportunity for our time, to Seek Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly, and so to powerfully communicate the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is why the LCF exists – a fellowship for the whole life of the Christian lawyer, that they may point others to Jesus the only Saviour, and to God's promised King. If you are a Christian lawyer or law student, join us today.

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What we do

Resourcing Biblically-faithful work that commends Christ as our King.

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What we say

Facilitating Gospel proclamation in and through the legal profession.

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What we are

Supporting whole-life discipleship that reveals Jesus to be our Saviour.

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Whom we trust

Articulating faith in God together for our Gospel mission in law.


The LCF has a statement of faith and doctrinal basis. The statement of faith is for all members to affirm on joining the fellowship. Its breadth provides for the participation of a richly diverse membership. The doctrinal basis adds clarity to our mission and vision as a Christian fellowship.

Statement of faith

Membership of the LCF is open to anyone involved in the practice, administration, teaching or study of law, who accepts and is personally committed to the principles of the Christian faith as taught in God's inspired word, the bible, particularly salvation from sin by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ, God incarnate, who died on the cross, rose from death, ascended into heaven, indwells Christian believers through the Holy Spirit and will return in glory. The LCF has adopted the doctrinal basis of UCCF as its own doctrinal basis.

LCF Doctrinal basis


You can download and read our latest Annual Report and Accounts.

Annual Report &
Accounts 2020/21