As I step down from the Executive Director role, I want to give you, LCF members, huge thanks for making my time with the LCF so enjoyable. Having already served as a trustee for three years prior to my appointment, I was aware in June 2010 of both the challenges and the opportunities that lay ahead. Since then, during the last seven years, we have seen the Lord's blessing through new ventures and growth, as well as changes and developments.

Picking out specific highlights is always tricky. There have been exceptional speakers at many events, seminars, dinners and conferences. The evangelistic talk from Prof. John Lennox at the Royal Courts of Justice stands out, as does the roadshow of eight regions in 2015 which enabled us to meet with so many of our members. I was particularly grateful to Sir Jeremy Cooke and Prof. Glynn Harrison for their commitment to these.

Visiting each of our CLEAR partners in East Africa at different times, and seeing our partnership in Europe develop through Christ und Jurist in the past year have been a particular joy too. Developing the new website and database was a challenge but has proven to be really fruitful, whilst the 'Good News to the Public Square' and the recent 'Speak Up' publications have both made real contributions to the UK church.

It has been the development of Essential Truths and Dig Deeper, to invest in the next generation, which has excited me more than anything in the recent past – and I am so looking forward to seeing the fruit in the years to come.

It is, however, often in the small things – conversations over lunch, communications from members, a particular word for the week – that a real sense of fulfilment has been felt. Meeting and sharing with so many of you is something I will cherish. Equally, both the monthly prayer breakfasts at the Rolls Building and the daily staff prayers at lunchtime have been a real blessing. It is crucial to continually bring the ministry, profession and our members' requests before the Lord.

My connection with the LCF won't stop here, I hope. Moving to Maputo, Susanna and I will be supporting and encouraging the work of AMAC (Associação Moçambicana dos Advogados Cristãos) whilst serving with BMSworldmission and we do hope that there will remain really good contact with the LCF here in the UK.

If you would like to know more about what we are doing and to pray for us then please do drop me a line on and I will very happily add you to our prayer list and let you know about our blog. Please pray for our family – especially our children Jacob, Anna and Lizzie, as the eldest two remain and we take our youngest with us.

None of what has happened during my tenure with the LCF could have happened though without the support and contribution of all staff and trustees. I am hugely grateful to Matthew, Gay-Lynn, Phil, Hilary, Phillippa, James, Anneliese, Joe, Edward, Tim, Ruth, Rose, Sarah, Adam, Mhairi, Fiona, Sarai and Jen, who have all given above and beyond as they worked tirelessly for the Lord in our organisation. And Tim, Eleanor, Stephanie, Tom, Andre, Dom, Brent, Graham, Caroline, Niazi, Gavin and Ally – I am immensely grateful for your support as Trustees. And of course John Scriven, Ian Miller and Mark Jones, who have been such supportive and inspirational Chairmen, without whom I would not have been able to survive. Thank you all so much.

The unique ministry of the LCF will continue, but needs your support and encouragement. We remain the only organisation in the UK whose overarching aim is to speak about the Lord Jesus Christ and live out the gospel in the legal profession. Our focus must be on living for Christ, telling those we work with about the Good News, and enabling the gospel to infuse all that we do in our legal practice.

Please do pray for the LCF staff team and their ministry here in the UK, and for Susanna and I in Mozambique.