We are delighted to introduce the LCF trustees. They voluntarily give a huge amount of time to the oversight of the organisation.  At the foot of this page is a link to the most recent Annual Report and Accounts – which are for the year ended 2018.

Mark Jones, Chair. 

Mark Jones is the Chair of the LCF. Mark is a solicitor specialising in employment law. He is married to Catherine and lives in Surrey.

Niazi Fetto, Vice Chair.

Niazi is a barrister specialising in personal injury and employment, and chairs the European branch of the LCF International Committee. He is married to Helena, and they and their four boys are members of Latimer Minster in Buckinghamshire. They live in Douai in northern France, where they are providing support to a local church planting project.

Alasdair Henderson.

Alasdair is a barrister specialising in public law and human rights, clinical negligence and employment/discrimination law. He lives with his wife and three daughters in the East End of London, where he is on the leadership team at Crossway Stratford church.

Beki Muinde. 

Beki spent seven years working in the city as a solicitor specialising in corporate law. She has a heart for work in East Africa, and recently spent a month training lawyers in Nairobi, Kenya. Beki joined the trustees in spring 2018.  

Janys Scott.

Janys is a Scottish Queen's Counsel, specialising in family law. After 25 years as a clergy wife she now worships with her husband Kevin at their local village church in the Scottish Borders. Janys joined the Trustees in 2018.

Elsa Glauert.

Elsa is a solicitor specialising in intellectual property law. She has sat on the Student and Young Lawyer Committee for the past three years, and will be joining the mission trip to East Africa in Summer 2019. Elsa attends a church in the City of London and joined the trustees in spring 2019.

Annual report & accounts 2018