Would you support our CLEAR partners to restore hope this Christmas?

When faced with injustice, part of the challenge is even understanding the legal issues and process. Where there are no lawyers, this makes accessing justice even harder.

In Rwanda our CLEAR partner Lawyers of Hope (LOH) are training and equipping Christian volunteers to become community paralegals. They provide timely and vital legal education and advice, with the advocacy support of the wider LOH network of lawyers. They are restoring hope in situations which can seem hopeless. 

Would you join us in supporting our Christmas Appeal to restore hope?

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There are currently 39 community paralegals, each covering around 30 – 35 different villages. Their request is for further training to be better equipped to serve, and for more paralegals to be recruited to assist with the work.

Please would you support the work of our CLEAR partners today so that they can continue to develop this vital work of hope and restoration.

Paralegal costs:

• £25 provides a new paralegal starter kit, which includes A4 notebook, reflective jacket, pen and some phone credit

• £480 provides for a one day legal topic training session for 40 paralegals

• £3500 would allow LOH to recruit 10 new paralegals, provide them with a starter pack and 6 training sessions (over 12 months), with ongoing support and connection.

• £6700 would provide court filing and related costs to facilitate pro bono representation for 100 clients

Thank you for your prayers, your support, and your generosity. This ministry would not be possible without you!

Sam's* story – Condemned for trying to save a life

S* was studying for his final school exams, and went swimming in a lake near his home. 

Suddenly someone nearby got into difficulty and slipped under the water. S and another person swam over to help, but couldn't find the person, who sadly drowned. S was subsequently arrested and detained by the police, accused of being responsible for the death. He didn't have any hope.

A neighbour advised his mother to reach out to the community paralegal, who in turn connected her with a pro bono lawyer, C*. Through her intervention, he was able to access his revision books, while she argued for his release. On the morning of the exams, he was released in order to sit his exams, and cleared of all charges. He passed his exams and is now applying for university.

S gives thanks to God, attesting that it is God who helped him. He is now free to be with his family again, and to study. He has hope.

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Danni's* story – Evicted as a child from her family home by her mother

D*'s mother and father divorced and she and her young siblings remained in the family home. However her mother remarried and wanted the home to herself and her new husband, so tried to evict them onto the street, by filing a court claim. D, still a child herself, sought advice from a community paralegal who then assisted her to challenge this. The case took over 3 years but now D and her siblings have secured their right to remain in the family home, and are free to go back to school. Without the help of our partners, she and her siblings would be homeless and without hope. 

*Names changed for protection and privacy of the individual

Thank you for your support.