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Sat 18 Nov

LCF National Day Conference and AGM 2017 - London National

  • Venue HJA -180 N Gower St, Kings Cross, London NW1 2NB London Click here for a map
  • Time 9:30am – 4:30pm

Navigating the waters - is the law - a hostile environment or a golden opportunity?

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We have a great day and excellent speakers lined up to consider this important theme as we seek to be faithful followers of Christ in the legal profession. 

We seem to be navigating tricky waters in public life, but will this statement soon become a reality for Christian lawyers in 21st century Britain?

Tim Farron's declaration, following his leadership resignation, clearly expressed his feelings that "…to be a political leader… and to live as a committed Christian, to hold faithfully to the Bible's teaching, has felt impossible."

We might feel the same challenge looms for our profession, not just from those sceptics who think a reasoned professional couldn't really put their faith in Christ, but also from the growing chorus of voices who see Christians as, at best, out of tune with a progressive world and, at worst, to be actively silenced.

However, the increasingly plural nature of the UK public square also gives us another, more optimistic way of viewing our current situation. Rather than being fearful of this apparently hostile environment, we could believe that in reality this is a goldmine for gospel witness.

Many are looking for hope in a chaotic world of uncertainty, and we are uniquely positioned to tell them that Christ is the answer and therefore how we live and speak in all areas of our life, including work, is vital. 

1 Peter 2:12
"Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us."

We will be gathering at Hodge Jones and Allen - really convenient as it is alongside Euston train and underground station. 

The aim of this day conference is to provide us with the opportunity for biblical reflection  and conversation on these important issues, together with networking, prayer and mutual support as we serve Christ and share the gospel in our profession.


9:30 – Doors open – Registration with crefreshments

10:00 – Welcome and short reflection

10:15 – First Session – John Stevens – Faithful living - lessons from 1 Peter 2.

11:15 – Coffee break

11:45 – Second Session – Freedom -How do we express our belief in Christ well? Dave Landrum – Evangelical Alliance

12:45 – Interview

13:00 - Lunch break

13:45 - AGM with LCF overview

14:15 – Session 3 - Navigating the waters - when the pressure is on what do you do?

A practical session on successfully combining our faith and our professional life.
Martin Franke – Partner and Council member of Christ und Jurist, Germany.
Richard Godden – Partner - Linklaters. 

15:15 Discussion and Q and A

15:45 – What we have learnt and prayer time

16:00 – Close