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Thu 28 Sep

Dead Man Walking

You are all invited to this special event  "Dead Man walking - did Jesus really rise from the dead? A judge examines the evidence for the resurrection."

28th September between 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Here is an opportunity hear about and to think through what might be the greatest question in history - "Did Jesus really rise from the dead?". Click here to see a flyer.


Graeme Smith, a Judge and experienced lawyer from Manchester has written a book entitled "Was the tomb empty?". During the evening he will share some of his insights and provide engaging reasons why intelligent, educated people can and do believe that the resurrection of Jesus did occur. If Jesus did rise from the dead, this has huge implications for us all. Following his talk Graeme will be open to taking questions that you might have about this topic.

Hosted by City Legal , this event is being jointly run by The Lawyers' Christian Fellowship. It is open to all.

Doors open from 6.30pm and the talk will start at 7pm.

Afterwards there will be further opportunity for discussion .

Bring your friends and colleagues to come and hear a judge discuss the evidence for the resurrection and the need for us all to consider this for ourselves.

To read a book review click here

Was the tomb empty?