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Fri 08 Nov

LCF National (Weekend) Conference 2019

Living in the age of Elisha: A radically Christian perspective for today's lawyers


  • Three main sessions on 1 and 2 Kings
  • Children's track (Reception - Year 6)
  • Regional and specialism networking

Celebrating 20 years of CLEAR

  • Guest speakers from East Africa
  • Black-tie dinner on Saturday
  • Ceilidh

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The book of 1 and 2 Kings is one of the lesser known parts of the Bible, but contains one of the most gripping and pertinent narratives for Christian lawyers in our present secular age.

At a time of national spiritual decline, the prophets Elijah and Elisha bravely confronted those in power, and urged people to turn to God before his promised judgment would fall. Elisha did more spectacular miracles than anyone in history besides Jesus, and in many ways his life prefigures the greater Saviour who came after him. He has much to teach us about inclusivity (rightly understood), about the power of God's word, and about the importance of knowing the times.

We would love you and your families to join us as we consider what it means to live in the age of Elisha.

Main speaker

Rev Dr Andrew Sach has a background in science that began with an explosives factory in his parents garage aged 15 and ended with a PhD on why two ears are better than one. He now works as a pastor at Grace Church Greenwich and helps to train other pastors on the Cornhill Training Course. He is often invited to speak at schools and universities (and once on the BBC) on the subject of science and faith. He is co-author of several books with decreasingly imaginative titles: Dig Deeper (2005), Dig Even Deeper (2010) and Dig Deeper into the Gospels (2015). He enjoys playing Bach on the piano and attempting to pour nice shapes in his coffee with frothed milk.

Children's Track

The children's track is available for Reception-Year 6 children and will be led by Andy and Jo Turnbull.

Andy currently serves as Youth and Children's Pastor at Cranleigh Baptist Church in Surrey and heads up one of the youth programmes at Bible by the Beach. He loves to teach the Bible to children and young people.

Jo is married to Andy and is a full-time mum to Lucy (4) and Ellie (2). She is involved in various areas of church life and supports Andy in his ministry to children, young people and families.

Choice of seminars

(1) Telling a better story: Speaking confidently about equality & diversity with colleagues and clients

Diversity and inclusion presents challenges and opportunities for the Christian lawyer: How would you respond if asked to wear a rainbow lanyard at work? How would you respond to a colleague who asks for your view on their same sex marriage? How would you react if a client makes a joke about Jesus?

This seminar aims to build confidence in our understanding of Bible truth and equality law, so that we can wisely communicate Gospel hope in our time.

(2) Burn out, drop out or stay the course: Surviving and thriving as a Christian Lawyer

Does a work-life balance seem but a distant dream? Are you resigned to legal practice as a permanent pressure cooker of long hours, difficult clients and no time to serve at church? How do you juggle career ambitions with family aspirations? Is exhaustion inevitable?

This seminar will show you how a right theology of law can help you not just survive, but thrive as a lawyer.

(3) Standing up for justice in 2020: What we need to know and do about social injustice in our society

How should our compassion for those in need manifest? How do we love our neighbours as ourselves? How do we serve our society and reflect Christ in our communities? Is the challenge too big? Are there specific ways we can use our legal skills to help others?

This seminar will explore both the biblical mandate for justice ministry and the practical ways of getting involved.