With LCF undergraduate presence across Northern Ireland and the UK in approximately 15 universities and LCF groups at 25 postgraduate institutions, you can always meet with an LCF local group (or start one!).

As the LCF group is not a church, nor is it the same as a Christian Union (CU), we do urge students (and junior lawyers) to be committed to their local church, and their CU's where appropriate. We work alongside CU's and share many of their aims and tasks so that we can partner with them, and you in praying for and reaching friends and colleagues with the gospel. LCF groups are complementary to CU's where they exist, not an alternative.

With LCF prayer groups and main events happening across the country, there is always an event to join and qualified lawyers and judges to meet. 

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Being a lawyer is a life-long profession. We want to integrate our faith fully with our practice and study of law, as we seek to serve Christ in the legal world. The LCF is concerned with the growth and maturity of Christian law students and lawyers, thus it is important to understand and practice law in a Christian way from the very beginning. With this in mind, LCF groups exist to encourage and equip you whilst you are at university and as a professional group from the start of your career and beyond!