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DM Book Club

Thu 20 May

Book Club with David McIlroy National

  • Venue Zoom
  • Time 1pm – 2pm

In this series of discussion group sessions, we will be exploring David McIlroy's book 'Biblical View of Law and Justice' led by David McIlroy himself. 

Why has God called you to be a lawyer? And how do I bridge the gap between my Christian faith and my study or practice of law?

At the LCF we want you to be inspired and affirmed in your vocation, and to experience how the whole Bible enriches and enlivens your legal work. We invite you to join barrister and professor David McIlroy for the LCF Lunchtime Book Club this Spring to discuss his highly regarded book, "A Biblical View of Law and Justice".

Thursday lunchtimes at 1pm for 45 minutes, meeting fortnightly, beginning on the 4 March 2021. Register once to receive zoom details for all nine sessions.


A copy of the Book can be purchased online including here:

Book Club dates

20th May - Christ and Caesar

3rd June - Law and the Spirit

17th June - Submission to the Authorities

1st July - The Last Judgement

Why join?...

"This book will confirm the sense of vocation that those involved in law-making or administration should have and will help others to see that this is a necessary sphere of work for God's people in God's world" - Sir Mark Hedley

"Last year I joined the Theology of Law discussion group that the LCF hosted and David McIlroy led. Little did I know that it would prove to be such a significant spiritual and professional decision. Put simply, it transformed my understanding of law and justice, both theologically and in my life as a lawyer and a follower of Christ. My passion for the practise of law has been renewed. If you get a chance to join the Book Club this year, seize it, you won't regret it."- Brent Haywood (Solicitor Advocate and Litigation Partner with Lindsays in Scotland)

"I found David Mcllroy's sessions on the Theology of Law incredibly helpful and interesting. It was such a great introduction to what a biblical view of law and justice looks like, both in the Bible itself and in its application to our lives. I learnt a great deal about new parts of Scripture (including fascinating Old Testament stories), as well as gaining a deeper understanding of parts that I thought were familiar. It made me excited about the role of law and its place in God's plan for the world." - Maria Shepherd (LPC Student)