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Sat 24 Apr

LCF SYL Mini Conference 2021 National

  • Venue Zoom
  • Time 10am – 1pm

Calling all SYLs! Join us for this year's SYL mini Conference. Come and hear from God's word, hear from a panel of early career lawyers and make new friends at a similar stage in the profession.

The book of Ruth is famed for drama and for love. The loyalty and kindness of its central character provide the setting for one of the most beautiful books in the Bible. What might this ancient love story (and not primarily that between Ruth and Boaz!) have to speak to those of us at the start of legal careers today?

The theme 'Abundance in famine' is particularly poignant in a global pandemic. The word 'famine' resonates almost immediately when considering the effects of COVID19 on our work, study and personal lives. For some of us, this includes our devotional lives. Even with a government roadmap to freedom, the tremors of this season will yet be felt for some time to come. Where despair and despondency threaten to overwhelm, how might joy and hope in God keep us buoyant and resilient, rooting our daily actions in God's eternal story? What does it look like to remain steadfast in God but also supple in the face of life's many curveballs? How can we attend to our work and study in law in a manner that is distinctive, drawing others to find life in Jesus?

At this year's SYL mini-conference, we will discuss all these questions and more as we dig into our theme. Leading us into God's word is Dominic Hughes, SYL Conference veteran and barrister specialising in intellectual property law. Dominic is a long time member of the LCF and a great friend of SYL so it is a real pleasure to have him as our speaker. Dominic will bring his years of experience as a legal practitioner and his deep love for God's word to bear on his treatment of our theme, leading us to new insights and encouraging us towards the faithful practising of our faith in the legal profession.