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Thu 20 May

Justice Matters: God's purpose for lawyers in a hurting world National

  • Venue This is an online event (Zoom)
  • Time 6pm – 7pm

Well...what is it?

The tomb is empty, but the prisons are full. Death has been defeated, but deserving clients still lose, and workplace tensions still aggravate. Work in the law is demanding, and regardless of your practice area, legal working entails a confrontation with broken people and broken systems. What difference does the resurrected King make to modern legal practice?

At our Easter event, we considered how the most heinous event in human history turned out to be the triumph of the love of God. The injustice of Jesus' execution is swallowed up in the hope of his resurrection and promised return.

As we await his return, however, Christian lawyers have important work to do. How might we look to the example of his ministry while on earth to derive an understanding of the vision that should fuel our work - our commission in the world of law - through the teaching of Jesus? Our duty is not to seek to *be* Jesus, uprooting our lives to be itinerant preachers in Palestine, but rather to be as Jesus would be if he were us, living the life he brings in all our environments, including our work in the law. How might our work for justice be fuelled by hope in Jesus, resisting escapism to partner with Jesus in the here and now?

To explore these questions through the lens of Scripture and with the benefit of practice, join us for our sixth Justice Matters seminar. We will be led by Leah Brown, General Counsel, on Thursday 20 May 2021 at 6pm.


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