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Transforming Work 2

Thu 19 May

Life on the Frontline for Lawyers (Transforming Work) National

  • Venue Zoom
  • Time 1pm – 2pm

God values the work that you do in law. The legal world can be a challenging and pressurised environment. And yet, every day when we go to work, we have the opportunity to contribute to the lives of our colleagues, clients, and communities in transformative ways.

We are excited about this 8-part lunchtime course for lawyers, which is all about seeing and doing work differently, realising that God is at work with us and in us, and in those we work with. Our hope and prayer are that you will encounter God in fresh ways as we explore together how we can each play a significant role in changing the systems, structures, services, relationships, and atmosphere in which we work.

We will be using "Transforming Work," a resource created by the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity. Steph, a solicitor, describes how "Transforming Work has completely changed my perspective on how God views my work and given me a fresh understanding of why it is important to Him."

Course Dates:

• May 19, 2022
• June 16, 2022

To join, please send an email to

We look forward to seeing you.