The LCF exists as a fellowship because of a collective imagination about the work of a Christian lawyer, and through a shared sense of responsibility for the communication of the good news about Jesus to and through the legal profession.

Our different ministries need volunteers ("LCF Affiliates") who have a heart for discipleship in the legal profession and who can dedicate a few hours each month to serving with the LCF. In return, LCF Affiliates receive support from the staff team and training.

LCF Affiliate opportunities include:

  • Specialist Groups: co-ordinating a group for lawyers who work in a particular practice area, helping them to connect their faith in Jesus with their work.
  • Regional groups: developing regional groups, leading initiatives for fellowship, prayer, and evangelism.
  • Universities: providing LCF support and resources to local law students, seeking to prepare them for a Christ-centred career in law.
  • Wellbeing: building a programme of support for LCF members, to care for Christian lawyers amid the pressures of legal life.
  • Europe network: connecting with lawyers across continent, co-ordinating prayer according to local needs, and supporting like-minded fellowships in the legal profession.
  • Resources: Working on development and production with the LCF staff team, developing relevant resources to equip and encourage Christian lawyers in the UK and around the world

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