50 Nations, 1 Fellowship

In October 2018, over 200 Christian lawyers from more than 25 different European countries (and several more worldwide) gathered for four days in Berlin, drawn together by a desire to engage with God's heart for the law and legal profession, to encourage one another and to be equipped to be a more effective gospel witness in their communities.

It seemed ambitious, perhaps even foolish. Our differences in culture, language, and church expression could have easily defined us. And yet, as God's word was faithfully preached, as we gathered to pray and share together, there was an intentionality to connect, and a deeper sense of our unity as children of God.

Thank you to all who joined us, and who prayed faithfully for us. Since the conference we have heard of two or three new Christian law groups beginning to meet, and of several more individuals who are reaching out to Christians within their local legal community. God is at work among lawyers in Europe – it is such a privilege to be a part.

Current Connections

To find out more about some of our current European connections, please visit the countries linked on the map below. 




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