Through the uncertainties of Covid, with the challenges of losing members and colleagues, and the ups and downs of curfews and restrictions, our CLEAR partners have been working tirelessly to seek justice and protect the vulnerable.

This year's CLEAR Appeal asks you to join with the LCF on a journey: to love mercy, walk humbly, and seek justice in prayer and whole-life discipleship. Journey internationally by reading of our new international grants process, and the updates from our partners, in how they use every opportunity they can to share the good news of Jesus and the real difference they make to their clients and local communities. Please join us in praying over these important ministries, and if you can, to consider giving financially or on a mission trip (Summer 2022).

Giving to the CLEAR Appeal means directly supporting our partners in four key areas: core costs; governance, accountability; capacity-building; and Gospel initiatives. To see what grants we have made so far in this financial year, please read the CLEAR Appeal for more information or sign-up to the CLEAR Connect.

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You can give directly on our website by clicking the "Donate" button in the top right, and selecting "CLEAR" on the drop-down box. Please email us if you are having any issues, or would prefer other methods to give.

News from our partners:

Recently in the Mombasa office, CLEAR Kenya, lawyers were able to successfully help a child's application for guardianship. Abandoned when only six months' old, at a dumpsite, 17 years ago, F was placed in a children's home. F became close to a former employee (S) there, and throughout the years S accepted F into her own family. F and S wanted to apply to the court for guardianship – and although S self-represented herself in court, the KCLF lawyers were able to help her prepare submissions against the children's home's objection. Granted guardianship, S and F are now happily living together – where F feels like he has a true home and family.

Update from Advocates Burundi, Voice for the Voiceless

In 2019, the CLEAR Appeal established a seed fund to support Voice for the Voiceless, a small group of Christian lawyers in Burundi engaging in community education sessions and prison visits. Through this fund, we have recently supported a member of Lawyers of Hope Rwanda to visit and help strategise and share fellowship. We are thankful to God that this visit has been able to take place despite Covid lockdowns and curfews – and are awaiting an exciting first budget and partnership agreement.