Destination Uganda

April Justice Mission Team

Posted: 14 April 2015

The April Justice Mission team have arrived safely in Uganda at the start of a two week visit to our partners in Uganda and Kenya.

For some on the team, this is a welcome return to visit old friends; for others, their first adventure in East Africa. And what a start! En route to one of the field offices, numerous elephants and a pride of lions were spotted - a great introduction to local wildlife. Yesterday, the team supported local UCLF staff as they delivered a legal education seminar on the issue of child abuse to around 300 school children. Equipping children and their families to understand their rights and responibilities to each other is fundamental for ensuring the protection and emotional growth of the young people.

They are now back in the capital, encouraging our partners and engaging with some of the challenges of upholding justice and fairness within the legal system.