Final days in Kenya

SJM 2017

Posted: 23 July 2017

Slightly more relaxed morning – we continued with our justice studies as a team, visited a law firm and had brunch (of course at Java) with KCLF partners. We were running a little late but managed a short conference with students connected up with KCLF – Chong and Rachel offering advice and encouragement to them studying law as Christians. Then we travelled 2 hours to a centre called Agape Hope – a school and home for children around a community in Nairobi. We sang for them (that always makes them laugh), they sang for us (always putting us to shame), and Priscilla and Angela gave a wonderful talk on the importance of prayer, perseverance and recognising God's promises to us. It got a little chaotic by the end – a party seemed to start up and we tried to give out gifts, eventually giving them to 'Mama' from the home to distribute and deal with!

Later that evening we visited the home of Ian and Merle – a lovely couple from the UK who have been in Nairobi serving KCLF for 6 months. We had a great time with the interns and lawyers eating together and studying Philippians 4. It was a really joyful way to end our weeks of work in East Africa.

We have had a great time as a team winding down. Though Saturday began with a 5am wake-up call, we spent 5 hours travelling around Nairobi National Park in our bus, seeing zebra, rhino, impala, hippo, monkey, antelope, buffalo, bison – and our climatic spy on a full-grown lioness gnawing away at a poor zebra.

We also had 2 more visits to Java, visited a market for some final bargains and gifts for readers like you, and also visited Ian and Merle's church in Nairobi. We're kinda loving the gospel worship we have seen in East Africa.

For now… as I write this on Sunday evening… we have just finished our final justice study, began our reflections as a team, have checked into our flight and are attempting the final pack. After what has felt like a mammoth justice mission, the end seems to have crept up on us a little…

Do be praying for our flight back please.

Thank you and see you when we're back on UK soil!!