How Great Thou Art!

Posted: 23 June 2018

The third and final day of training looked set to be trickier for both streams as expectations were lost in communication. But God was very kind: we tweaked the content, the mood settled, and everyone engaged in the workshops (Option 1: Juvenile Justice; Option 2: Women in the Law.) We have already been invited back next year to repeat the training, so we're taking that as a good sign!

In the evening we had the privilege of joining with the LOH students and young lawyers fellowship. (It was like an LCF Essential Truths meeting, only a little (read as a lot!) more energetic!) We opened by singing together 'How great thou art' in our mother tongues, which was very moving and gave much meaning to Romans 14:11, in which the Lord says: As surely as I live…every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God. To share in fellowship, worshiping our Creator God, after three days of intense training, was a real blessing and provided spiritual refreshment. There were also plenty of songs in Kinyunrwandan which the team joined in with as best we could!

Mhairi shared a thought from God's word, encouraging us all to press on (1 Thessalonians). Mark then preached on Matthew 5:13 – how Christian lawyers are called to be salt and light. What does it look like to be salty? We may be called to rotten places, but we can heal. Yes, we will be in a minority. But, wherever we are, we should make things (taste) better. If the salt loses its saltiness, it is good for nothing – and we will lose out on the purposes God has called us to.

However, the highlight was undoubtedly the traditional Rwandan dancing. LOH had invited a Christian dance troupe to perform as a special treat for us. The women dance like cattle, making their arms look like horns and stamping their feet like hooves. With the singing, drums and whistles, it was quite spectacular!