Legal Training is ... a delight!

Posted: 22 June 2018

The second day of training came and went without a glitch – praise the Lord!

Option 1: Witness handling skills. The group moved onto cross-examination, as Naomi took us through the theory and shared some top tips. As anticipated, Jen crumbled under Mark's questioning in the demo, much to the class' delight! A big thanks goes to Helen, who tirelessly translated all day.

Option 2: Risk management, law firm development and client development for senior lawyers who owned their own firms – often small practices (Therese, Hannah and Aaron.) At the end, Juves gave a speech explaining how lawyers could partner with Lawyers of Hope. It is exciting to report that many have already signed up!

In the afternoon, we headed to the Kefa Academy, a project working with street children. The academy works with 17 young boys aged 11–17. LOH were initially involved to provide child protection training, but have stayed project ever since.

As you might expect, the academy houses the boys, provides them with three square meals a day and pays their school fees. What you might not expect is that the academy is based around football (they have to play six days a week!) and the focus is on reconciliation, with the staff helping the boys to reconnect with their families. We love the ambition for the boys – four have already gone onto university.