Sun, sea* and sand

Posted: 8 July 2018

With projects observed and training delivered, the final two days of the trip afforded some rest for the team. A long minibus journey on Friday took us to Jinja, to see the source of the (white) Nile. In the evening we were welcomed into the home of the Ugandan DPP, Justice Mike Chibita, where more delicious food and engaging conversation awaited.

The team were up bright and early on our final day in Uganda, to hit up the craft market and fill what space we had left in our bags full of necklaces, place mats, scarves, toy lions and jigsaws! After we had loaded up the minibus and grabbed lunch in our most authentic Ugandan eatery yet (think KFC meets East London café), we were on our way to the airport. We just had time for a quick pit-stop at the beach by the side of Lake Victoria (more Southport Pleasure Beach than French riviera) before we were up in the air and on our way home.

*OK, technically incorrect, but much catchier than lake.