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Justice at last

Posted: 22 November 2018

Susan's* hope of safety and provision for her daughter is being realised. Several years ago, her husband abandoned them both, leaving her destitute and caring for their two year old daughter. The local authorities refused to intervene. Undeterred, Susan grappled to understand the law and engage with the court system. Finally, after 8 long years, the court agreed to hear her case – ultimately ordering her former husband to contribute to school fees and basic living costs for their daughter.

However he still did not paid a penny. He had a new wife and refused to acknowledge his daughter, or the court order against him. A further 5 years passed, and Susan had almost given up hope. Her husband was now divorcing his second wife. A friend recommended she visit our CLEAR partner.

With the help of a CLEAR volunteer advocate, she successfully petitioned the court for her daughter's maintenance order to be included within the divorce proceedings. The court required the previous 5 years of owed maintenance to be paid from the marriage estate, before any division of property, and that detailed provision had to be made for the daughter's needs going forward.

Susan has had her hope restored!