Off to a flying start!

Posted: 12 August 2019

The majority of us set off on Friday evening from Heathrow. We had a fairly pleasant flight and were able to get some rest either on the plane or during our layover at Addis Ababa airport.

Despite our staggered arrival times, Juves (the Lawyers of Hope director) kindly picked all of us up from the airport with friend and colleague Pascal. We were all so grateful to have had such a great welcome.

On Saturday we all spent a few hours resting at our beautiful accommodation complex – Solace Guest House. We each have a lovely balcony overlooking the city and in the distance you can see the hills of the countryside. Bliss!

Saturday evening consisted of a delightful meal cooked by none other than chef Jean Marie (rumour has it he trained in France and Belgium!) Our meals were delicious and very filling.

After dinner we were all tired and ready for a good well earned rest. But not before Mhairi gave us the lowdown on how to tuck the mosquito nets around our beds…!