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Individual Christian lawyers

The Find a Lawyer scheme is only to be used by individuals seeking a lawyer. It is not to be used for solicitation, marketing or any similar purpose. The Lawyers' Christian Fellowship (the LCF) does not charge for this referral scheme and you do not need to be a member of the LCF to use it.

The individuals available through this referral scheme are members of the LCF and they have affirmed the LCF Statement of Faith Declaration. The LCF does not vouch for, nor has it investigated, the personal or professional qualifications of the persons available through this referral scheme. Individual members have provided their areas of practice.

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By using this referral scheme you confirm that you understand and accept that:

1. The LCF does not provide legal services;
2. A referral under this scheme does not constitute a recommendation by the LCF and the LCF is not responsible in any way for the information given or the legal services provided by a lawyer or any person or firm that may contact you.
3. This is a voluntary scheme and there is no agreement between you and the LCF to make a referral to one of its members;
4. The LCF exercises no control over and is not responsible for (a) whether its members will respond to your referral; or (b) the legal services its members provide or the fees which they charge.
5. It is for you to ascertain whether the service the lawyer provides, and their terms and conditions, are acceptable and meet your needs.
6. In providing your contact details, the LCF is not and cannot be held responsible for how those details are used by any of the lawyers who may contact you. The LCF will receive a copy of your referral request for administrative purposes only and will not be able to provide any other information.
7. The LCF reserves the right to stop referral requests for any reason.

Note: If you are an LCF member, the LCF Membership Directory holds a larger listing than the referral scheme. Please sign in as a Member and select 'Directory' from the menu.

Christian Law firms

On 1 March 2020, the Association of Christian Law Firms merged into the LCF. Below is a list of law firms which identify as a Christian law firm, where an authorised representative has confirmed agreement with the LCF's doctrinal basis. Instructing a Christian law firm does not mean that the legal services which they provide will be conducted by a Christian lawyer or by a Christian lawyer who is in agreement with the LCF's Statement of Faith Declaration.


Membership of the LCF is open to anyone involved in the practice, administration, teaching or study of law, who accepts and is personally committed to the principles of the Christian faith as taught in God's inspired word, the bible, particularly salvation from sin by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ, God incarnate, who died on the cross, rose from death, ascended into heaven, indwells Christian believers through the Holy Spirit and will return in glory.