We are pleased to introduce the new "Find a Lawyer" section of the website as part of the continued development of the LCF website. It is intended that this will help both our members and the public in general.

An overview of how the referrals process works

  1. Member of the public (user) visits the "Find a Lawyer" page on lawcf.org
  2. The user then selects a "Law area" and "Geographical Region" and indicates that they agree with the terms and conditions
  3. The number of LCF members signed up to referrals scheme that match the search is displayed to the user with an invitation to complete a brief questionaire about their legal requirements. This comprises of:
    • Name
    • City/Town/Area
    • Hearing/completion deadline and description (if applicable)
    • Help required (400 character text description)
    • Email and/or Phone number for contact
  4. They then click the "Send Referral" button whereupon 
  5. An email will be sent to all LCF members who matched the search
  6. It will then be up to the LCF member to decide whether to contact them, and inter alia tell the enquirer what services they can supply and the terms an conditions that these might be provided.
  7. The service is not assumed to be offering pro bono advice, although it is up to the LCF member to decide if this is something they wish to offer.