Christian lawyers have a distinctive quality: What we do as Christian lawyers should reflect what we say about Christ as our King. The LCF membership is comprised of Christian lawyers from every region of the UK and area of law. For these reasons, our Find a Lawyer scheme has an established and growing reputation as the go-to service for those seeking a Christian lawyer.

An overview of how the referrals process works

  1. Member of the public (user) visits the 'Find a Lawyer' page on
  2. The user then selects a 'Law area' and 'Geographical Region' and indicates that they agree with the terms and conditions
  3. The number of LCF members signed up to referrals scheme that match the search is displayed to the user with an invitation to complete a brief questionaire about their legal requirements. This comprises of:
    • Name
    • City/Town/Area
    • Hearing/completion deadline and description (if applicable)
    • Help required (400 character text description)
    • Email and/or Phone number for contact
  4. They then click the "Send Referral" button whereupon 
  5. An email will be sent to all LCF members who matched the search criteria
  6. The LCF membre decides whether to contact the user. If they do so, the LCF member is entirely responsibly for any legal services they provide
  7. The LCF exercises no control over, and is not responsible for, (a) whether its members will respond to a referral; or (b) the legal services its members provide or the fees which they charge.

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