Ruth Erwin, student/trainee solicitor (Belfast)

In June 2014, God led me to a training contract for a law firm in Belfast, and a place at the Institute of Professional Legal Studies at Queen's University. I could hardly believe it, and was so excited to start this new chapter.

I had the privilege of working alongside another Christian trainee – Sarah-Louise, who would be joining me at the Institute also. There we met Naomi and Rachel, also Christians, and the four of us struck up a strong friendship.

From the outset, it was clear that the four of us were asking the same question: how do we live for God here? How can a lawyer glorify God in their work?

We therefore decided to travel to England for the LCF Young Lawyer and Student Conference in February. There we were encouraged and strengthened beyond any of our expectations and under-stood our responsibility to witness to our colleagues about Jesus, to work hard for the Lord and for our clients, and to seek justice and mercy, for that is the heart of God.

Since the conference, we have been inspired to pray together fortnightly for our colleagues and lec-turers. We keep each other accountable for our behaviour and attitude, and seek daily to become lawyers after God's own heart. I am grateful to the Lord for the LCF and for bringing us together.