Tricia Hemans, barrister (London)

Having been a member of the LCF since university, several years ago, I have had varying levels of LCF involvement – leaning more toward the inactive side of the scale. Attending the LCF Young Lawyer and Student Conference in February reminded me of the fantastic opportunities the LCF provides to meet other young Christian lawyers and students, and to have a much needed rest from the hectic nature of everyday life. I had the chance to be still, hear from God and reflect on my call-ing as a Christian and as a lawyer. There were talks relevant to many issues I face on a daily basis – stress, business, finding a work–life balance, sharing faith with colleagues and more. I didn't nec-essarily find all the answers but I certainly left enriched, encouraged and challenged.

Recently I attended the LCF Christian Women in Law event, kindly hosted at the Law Society Presidents' Residence (through Andrew and Lindsey Caplen, a lovely couple who were most welcoming). It was another delightful evening filled with food, fun and fantastic talks. I was able to meet some new people and reconnect with friends from the February conference. I left the dinner inspired to seek justice in and out of work.

I'd encourage all members of LCF, new and established, to get involved in events and be part of the LCF.