Gavin Callaghan, solicitor (Dundee)

I connected with the LCF at Aberdeen University in 1997. I benefitted from the teaching, fellow-ship and support that the thriving LCF student group there provided. After I started my traineeship, my connection became more remote until a conversation during a church mission trip in 2011 prompted me to think more about what it meant to be a Christian in the law.

That year I went to the LCF/KLICE summer school, which opened my eyes to the theology of law, and to the wider ministry of the LCF. That summer school (and the influence of David McIlory) helped me to read and explore the theology of law; moving me very quickly from being disengaged from LCF's work, to much more involvement, including the opportunity to speak at the Scottish conference, and taking part in LCF trips to Africa and Poland.

I have been privileged to join both the Scottish committee, and more recently the National Council providing an opportunity to serve the wider membership in helping to lead the LCF.

LCF's work has become a vital part of my professional life as a prosecutor, providing excellent teaching, helping me explore the integration of my faith and my work, and creating a context to learn from other members about being a Christian lawyer. I'm really excited about the future of the LCF, and long to see increased membership and engagement among law students and younger law-yers, and for members to disciple and mentor them.