Jonas Vogelberg, law student (Oxford)

Studying law at Oxford University can sometimes be a very bewildering experience, not only be-cause of the relentless flow of essays, reading lists and work assignments squeezed into three short terms, but also because of the lack of guidance one is given about how to process and think about one's work as a Christian. This means that it can be difficult to talk with non-Christian friends about the deeper truth that underlies the study of law, and to navigate the confusing 'career networking' environment with a godly heart.

This is why it has been very exciting to witness the first steps towards the creation of an LCF group for undergraduate law students here in Oxford. In December 2014 we were excited to welcome Tim Laurence to give an introductory presentation encouraging us to pursue our legal studies with a Christian outlook, and to receive copies of Tim's book Good News for the Public Square, which will form the framework of our first group meetings. Tim, along with Fiona Mahen-dran from LCF have also helped us to develop a group vision, and other encouragements have been the visit of Professor David Skeel from the University of Pennsylvania in May, and also the plans to introduce discussion and reading material to supplement our constitutional law reading lists and es-say assignments. We are very grateful to Tim, Fiona and Adam Taylor for their ongoing support.