Because a well resourced fellowship of 1,600 Christian lawyers will help you to reach further and serve better in law.

Working and witnessing together

Working and witnessing to Christ around the world, Christian lawyers have considerable Gospel opportunities. Here in the UK there are over 200,000 lawyers and law students. In Europe, there are more than 600,000. How will they hear the Good News about Jesus Christ, if Christian lawyers and law students do not proclaim Him? And if Christian lawyers and law students proclaim Christ, imagine the potential for Gospel transformation!

Supporting you

The LCF is about supporting Christian lawyers for their whole life witness to Christ. As a fellowship, we know the challenges and opportunities you face as a Christian lawyer better than anyone else. We are therefore uniquely placed to connect and resource you for the work that you have been given to do. Together, we commit to supporting your walk, your work and your witness, so that you can be the very best of lawyers for Christ.

If you are a Christian lawyer or law student, join the LCF today!


Subscription levels

Member subscriptions are supplemented by the generous donations of both members and supporters throughout the year. Our new subcriptions model can provide the financial stability for growing the staff team, investing in evangelistic tools and events, and developing support for every member. 

Subscription LevelsAnnual PaymentMonthly Payment
Level 1: Students (undergraduate and postgraduate) £12.00
Level 2: Lawyers and those in paid employment
Level 2a: Income up to £25,000 £48.00 £4.00 pcm
Level 2b: Income up to £50,000 £96.00 £8.00 pcm
Level 2c: Income up to £100,000 £240.00  £20.00 pcm
Level 2d: Income over £100,000 £480.00 £40.00 pcm
Level 3: Retired and unemployed members, or those working for Christian organisations £36.00 £3.00 pcm

If you have a concern at the amount which seems to apply to you, or a enquiry on your direct debit, then please email us so we can consider this with you.

Updating your Direct Debit details

If you are already a member of the LCF, please pay your subscription for the coming year by clicking on the button below: