In Autumn 2020, the LCF set up the Access to Justice Working Group to consider the individual and corporate response to the call of access to justice in the UK. As a fellowship, we have been involved in supporting access to justice abroad in East Africa for over 20 years. It has been really exciting and humbling to be partnering with Christians there - and we prayerfully continue to grow and develop the CLEAR Network. 

But what about the UK? The landscape of access of justice work in the UK has changed dramatically in the last two decades. Through the complexities of legislation and regulation, ever-widening inequality of arms, and diminishing availability of legal aid and help, unmet legal needs continue to multiply. 

The Report of the Working Group looks at the Call to Access to Justice, the present need for such an initiative, and how Christian lawyers – from any stage of their career or practice area – ought to respond. They focus in particular on: Biblical understanding and response to access to justice, practical engagement, and barriers or challenges to engagement. 

Are you ready and willing to learn and be challenged as a Christian lawyer?

The online report is available free here

If you would like a print copy, please send an email to and we can discuss how to post it to you.

As we launch the Working Group Report in October 2021, at our National Conference, we wish to invite you to consider how you can further engage and prayerfully think and discuss this issue. We will be hosting regional and/or practice-area based events throughout 2022-23 - for more information, please email

If you know any organisations or charities that we can connect with, help advertise positions or signpost opportunities for, or could speak at our events, please email