Essential Truths: Freedom of Religion

Mark Jones

At the heart of the Christian faith is the imperative to share it with others - in the words of Matthew's gospel, to "make disciples of all nations". But is this becoming increasingly harder in 21st Century Britain?

On the one hand, the last 10-15 years have seen a significant increase in the number of freedom of religion cases: on issues including wearing religious symbols in public, talking with colleagues about religious matters and time off for prayer or holy days. Is this the sign of a "chill in the air" with regard to being a religious person in the UK?

Yet at the same time, freedom of religion is a human right protected by the Human Rights Act 1998 and discrimination on the ground of "religion or belief" is prohibited by the Equality Act 2010. Shouldn't this mean that the legal protections have never been stronger?

In this short video, Mark Jones, a solicitor with a specialism in freedom of religion cases, explores the current landscape of the law on freedom of religion in the UK, engaging with both the challenges and the opportunities it presents for Christian lawyers.

If you would like to discuss these issues in a group then a hand-out with discussion questions and further resources is available here.

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