An Introduction to the Theology of Law June 2020


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Theology of Law

Unsure how to answer the question, "how can you be a Christian and a lawyer?". Wondering, "what is law good for?" Asking, "what does the whole Bible say about law, and justice, and government?" Each Monday during June and into July David McIlroy will be streaming the latest episode in his series of 15 minute videos on "An Introduction to the Theology of Law".

David is well known to many of us at the LCF. He is Head of Chambers at Forum Chambers and a leading barrister in banking. David is also a well-known theologian - he has written numerous articles and books, and lectured widely on the theology of law. Above all, David is someone who loves his Saviour and wants to make him known in and through the legal profession and, in this taster to his online Introduction to his Theology of Law course, David explains why this free online course will help every Christian law student and lawyer to develop a rich theology for the work they do.

For those wanting to explore each episode in more depth, see our Events page for details of a weekly lunchtime discussion group with David.

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