Injustice and Hope: Reviewing the Trial of Jesus


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If you're in law, the importance of a fair trial has likely been impressed upon you more times than you care to count. Due process is one of the linchpins of our criminal system, and fewer things make this clearer than a trial gone wrong. No one wants to see the innocent punished. No one wants to see the guilty go free.

Did you know, then, that the maladministration of justice was instrumental in bringing about one of the most important events in history according to Christian belief? An unfair trial led, unwittingly, to the very murder of God. The cross at the heart of the story of Easter is the culmination of a very criminal trial indeed.

March's Justice Matters seminar doubled as the LCF Easter event, and we were deeply honoured to be led in a review of the legal and theological significance of the trial of Jesus by His Honour Judge Graeme Smith.

Graeme's talk takes the listener on a journey to understanding the religious and Roman trials of Jesus, the serious lapses of procedure within them, and finally to consider the significance of all of this today. The talk is followed by an interview of Graeme by Damilola Makinde, LCF SYL Ministry Associate, which further teases out some of the key ideas in the talk and where Graeme shares more personally of the significance of the empty tomb of Jesus to all of his life more generally, and in his work as a judge in particular.

For sceptics and believers alike, this talk is a must-watch.

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