A Biblical View of Law and Justice: Author David McIlroy

  A Biblical View of Law and Justice - Book Cover

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The Bible is not written as a handbook for lawyers, politicians and civil servants setting out a theology of human law. Its concern is the dealings of God with human beings and of human beings with God. What then does the Bible have to say about human laws and legal systems? Looking back to the Old Testament, to the Mosaic Law, the biblical model of kingship and the prophetic call to justice, barrister David McIlroy presents a Christian perspective on the biblical view of law and justice. He also examines the claims and teachings of Christ as King, specifically contrasting these with Caesar, a king of the world. The book then concludes with a reflection on the place of human laws in the light of the Last Judgment. A Biblical View of Law and Justice seeks to wrestle with the biblical message of justice, giving Christian lawyers, civil servants, and politicians a renewed vision and understanding of the potential of their work in the post-Christendom world.

"This book will confirm the sense of vocation that those involved in the law-making or administration should shave and will help others to see that this is a necessary sphere of work for God's people in God's world."

Sir Mark Hedley, past President of the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship

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