Radio 4 panel - Christianity and our secular legal system

  London and Parliament

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you will go through to the BBC website and the Beyond Belief radio progamme of 27th January 2014 in which two LCF members are featured as part of a panel talking about the influence of Christianity on the law and whether we have, as some have said a secular legal system, and what we mean by that and the challenges of being a lawyer and a Christian.

The following is the write up on the BBC website:

Last year Sir James Munby, president of the Family Division, gave a speech in which he said the law of this country is secular, and that Christianity no longer informs its morality or values." Happily for us," he went on, "the days are past when the business of judges was the enforcement of morals or religious beliefs."

Ernie Rea is joined by Sir Mark Hedley, Joshua Rozenberg and David McIlroy to discuss the relationship between Christianity and the Law.

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