Is Faith Subjective?

John Lennox

John Lennox, Royal Courts of Justice, May 2013 - Download MP3 (46.3Mb)

John Lennox speaking

In May 2013, Prof. John Lennox spoke at the Royal Courts of Justice on 'Is faith subjective?' 300 people turned up to hear a compelling talk on faith, evidence, aitheism and the Gospel. Before speaking John kindly answered some questions about his family and background and from there took as his starting point the Judgement of the Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Laws who in McFarlane v Relate Avon Ltd said, " the eye of everyone, save the believer, religious faith is necessarily subjective, being incommunicable by any kind of proof or evidence". Thereafter, John Lennox developed a powerful argument that faith depends on the strength of the evidence on which the belief is based and then powerfully sought to answer the question: Is the Christian faith in God blind; is it just subjective or is it based on communicable evidence? 

Please do listen to what John had to say and pass this on to friends and colleages. You can go deeper by reading his book Gunning for God which can be found (and bought) on the LCF partnership page of - and finally you can hear more of John Lennox on his website

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