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"One of the most powerful, albeit quite cleverly understated, evangelistic events I've ever attended. The really clever turn was the end ..." - Jon Storey, LCF Director of Regional Ministries.

On the evening of the 24 March 2023, we gathered in Court 1 at the Court of Session, Parliament House, Edinburgh for a lively and thought-provoking evening to look into the death of Jesus Davidson.

This event was modelled on the Scottish procedure of a Fatal Accident Inquiry, with witnesses including the soldier overseeing the death, the High Priest who instigated it, the friend Mary Magdalen who saw it and expert witness Paul of Tarsus who proposes an explanation.

The purpose of the Inquiry was to:

  • Establish the circumstances of the death, and
  • Consider what steps (if any) might be taken to have prevented this, and other deaths in similar circumstances.

What better way to approach Easter than by looking at the facts of the death of Jesus, using the lawyer's tools of inquiry.

Download the programme booklet (which contains relevant court documents).

Watch here and share the link. Enjoy!