Why the law can't make you love your neighbour


Andy Weatherly Midlands Conference talk 2015 - Download MP3 (29.5Mb)

Andy Weatherley

Andy Weatherley, full-time pastor of Grace Church Dell Road, Birmingham spoke at our recent regional conference. Looking at Romans 7 and 8, he notes the changing role of lawyers in today's society. He explores the law, how God has given us law and its role in highlighting sin. In doing so Andy investigates the fact that the law does not fix the problem of sin, rather God changes our human hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit.

He urges us not to lose sight of the great and devastating problem of hell and judgement and to understand that people need to relinquish their lives to Christ and know the real change that is only possible in the Gospel because of the power of the Holy Spirit bringing lasting transformation. 

Andy Weatherley has recently planted a new church and is a partner of the 2020 Birmingham Church Planting movement which Andy also helps to coordinate. Andy came to Birmingham to complete an Engineering Degree and before planting Grace Church Andy worked as a teacher and UCCF staff worker.

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