The wrong, the right and the wise view of work as a lawyer.


Work, the law and your church: How Jesus Christ makes the difference - Download MP3 (27.9Mb)

Rev Moore Casement

The Rev. Moore Casement examines the title of this talk with reference to Ecclesiastes 4. He warns us to avoid a competitive attitude to work which can easily develop in the legal profession and encourages us to adopt the right and eternal view of work which brings about God's reward.

This is a fasinating talk which was given at the Northern Ireland Conference in 2015.

Rev. Moore Casement qualified as a solicitor and practised for a number of years in Cardiff and London before returning to Northern Ireland to train for ordination in the Presbyterian Church. After serving as a minister in Saintfield he set up the Cornhill Training Course in Belfast in 2009, where he is the Director.

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