Dream or Drudgery? What should I expect from life as a Christian lawyer?

Ian Miller

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Life of drudgery or living the dream? Handout - Download PDF (2.1Mb)

Ian Miller

This is the first of our bite-sized "Essential Truths" videos - exploring the key biblical principles that every Christian lawyer needs to know.

What should we expect life and work as a Christian lawyer to be like?

Popular TV shows frequently portray a life in the law as glamorous and exciting, a world in which successful cases and fulfilling work are the norm.

Yet for many lawyers the daily struggle with long hours, high billing targets and difficult clients feels a far cry from the hopes and dreams they had when they entered the profession. What then is the right Christian attitude to the realities of life and work as a modern-day lawyer?

In this short video, Ian Miller explores the Bible's teaching on the nature of work and how we apply it to life in the law today.

If you would like to discuss these issues in a group then a hand-out with discussion questions and further resources is available here.

Ian Miller is a barrister at 1 Chancery Lane Chambers. He specialises in personal injury, housing/landlord and tenant, property and commercial/contractual disputes and professional negligence.

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