Law and Evangelism: How can I effectively share the gospel in the legal profession?

Kev Murdock

This is the third of our bite-sized "Essential Truths" videos - exploring the key biblical principles that every Christian lawyer needs to know.

Jesus encourages us in the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations – which even includes lawyers!

For many of us though, the idea of sharing our faith in a workplace context can seem rather daunting – after all, how does one naturally turn a conversation about negotiating a commercial document or an on-going court case to Jesus? And where will we find the time when the pressures of work can seem so all-consuming?

The exciting news though is that many lawyers are interested in hearing about Jesus and there are lots of workplace ministries available to help us as we seek to speak about Him to the legal profession.

In this short video,  Kev Murdoch explores with us the biblical mandate to share the gospel as well as the practical ways we can share Jesus with our colleagues.

If you would like to discuss these issues in a group then a hand-out with discussion questions and further resources is available here.

Kev Murdoch is a former solicitor and now vicar of Euston Church.

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