Law and Love: What does it mean to love my neighbour as a Christian lawyer?


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This is the third of our bite-sized "Essential Truths" videos - exploring the key biblical principles that every Christian lawyer needs to know.

How can we best love our neighbours as lawyers? Are there specific ways we can use our legal skills to help others?

Ask someone to describe a lawyer and "loving" might not be the first word they would choose!

Jesus, however, saw loving our neighbours as a fundamental part of our Christian discipleship and asks all of us to love our neighbours as we love ourselves.

So what should we make of this important teaching as lawyers in particular? Excitingly, there are numerous ways we can use our legal skills to make a difference and help others (whether in the UK or overseas).

In this short video, Stephanie Biden (partner at leading charity law specialists, BWB) explores both the biblical mandate for justice ministry and the practical ways of getting involved.

If you would like to discuss these issues in a group then a hand-out with discussion questions and further resources is available here.

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