Law and Profit: Is it possible to thrive as a Christian in the commercial world?

Jeremy Cooke

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Is "profit" a dirty word?! Should Christians get involved in the commercial world and what distinctive contribution can they make in it?

The worlds of commerce and finance can sometimes be viewed with a hint of suspicion by the general public: are those who work in the City and other commerical centres only motivated by greed and making money?!

Christians too can find themselves with questions: am I serving God if I'm working in M&A, insurance or banking law? What impact am I making on society? What role does Christian ethics (if any) have to play in my work?

In this short video, Sir Jeremy Cooke, commercial arbitrator and mediator at 7 King's Bench Walk, explores with us what the Bible says about commercial activity and Christian involvement in it.

If you would like to discuss these issues in a group then a hand-out with discussion questions and further resources is available here.

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