Depression and the difference Jesus makes

Mental Health Seminar Flyer

The first instalment of our Mental Health Series.

Depression and the Difference Jesus Makes:

Depression strikes millions, across all ages and demographic groups. Approximately one in eight will have a severe depressive episode at some point in their life. Study after study reports particularly high levels of depression, unhappiness and worthlessness among lawyers in particular, with Christians far from immune. In the first event of our Summer series on Mental Health for the Christian Lawyer, Australian pastor, writer and counsellor Chris Cipollone – author of Down Not Out: Depression, Anxiety and the Difference Jesus Makes – will share wisdom from the Bible, and from his own personal experience of mental illness, in order to offer comfort, compassion and hope to those who find themselves, their loved ones or their colleagues vulnerable to depression.


Chris Cipollone is an Anglican minister in Sydney and a writer and speaker specialising in mental health, depression and anxiety. He is the Founding Director of Biblical Counsellors Australia and the author of Down, not Out: Depression, Anxiety and the Difference Jesus Makes. He has worked as a teacher and a lecturer and holds degrees in Education, Journalism, Business and Theology.

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