Anxiety and Answers: Biblical wisdom


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Mental Health Seminar Flyer

The second instalment of our Mental Health Series.

Anxiety and Answers: Biblical Wisdom

Just as the biblical writers faced many dangers in their time, we have been starkly faced with our own anxieties and fears in this time of pandemic. Are worry, anxiety and fear signs of lack of faith? Does God promise to protect us from all evil? How do we have our minds renewed in relation to these emotions? Does Scripture address panic attacks, phobias, OCD and PTSD? Are there psychological and medical therapies for anxiety that are helpful for both Christians and non-Christians?...


Richard Winter, Psychiatrist and Professor Emeritus of Practical Theology and Counseling at Covenant Theological Seminary in St Louis, MO unpacks these questions in the second webinar of our Mental Health for Christian Lawyers series.

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