Legal work as a mission field


Law firm, barristers' chambers, lecture theatre… mission field?

Every day, lawyers and law students balance competing demands on their time, energy and resources. For Christians, considering what it is to be a missionary in the legal work and study space may seem like another demand thrown into the mix; but what if joining Jesus in mission was not an addition, addendum, or afterthought? What if participation in the mission of Jesus was the driving force behind our work? What difference might biblical law and wisdom make to how we actually do legal work? What change could there be in our corner of the legal landscape if we embraced it as terrain of deep importance to God, tending to it in His power and for His glory?

For this fourth instalment of our Justice Matters seminar series, we were led by Naomi Cooke, CPS barrister, who helped us consider the potency of the call to love God and love neighbour in the practicalities of legal working.

Naomi's talk starts with her sharing some of her personal journey in the law, followed by an examination of God's heart for justice from the scriptures. Finally, she leads us to consider what it looks like to apply these principles in our legal working and studying.

Click on the video above to learn more of how God is at work in your legal journey, and how he wants to use you where he has placed you.

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