Theos Report - Religion and Law: Perspectives from sixteen legal experts

David Mcllroy
  • Date 21 November 2013
  • People Steve Bavington, Gavin Callaghan, Noel Cox, Frank Cranmer, John Duddington, Conor Gearty, Peter Jones, Jacqueline Laing, Maleiha Malik, David Mcllroy, Garcia Oliva, Megan Pearson, Julian Rivers, Russell Sandberg, John Scriven, Charlotte Smith & Roger Trigg
  • Category Biblical legal principles
  • Tags Learning & Loving

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Religion and Law

From the back cover:

"Are human rights and religious commitment fully compatible? How far are minority legal orders permissible? Can freedom of conscience be reconciled with equality? What is the proper balance between Westminster and Strasbourg in such matters?

"In this volume sixteen leading legal experts explore the relationship between religion and law in Britain today. None of the issues they examine is open to an easy or simple solution. Each, however, is helped by application of intelligent and informed reflection..."

Gavin Callaghan, Javier García Oliva,Noel Cox, Megan Pearson, Frank Cranmer, Julian Rivers, John Duddington, Russell Sandberg, Conor Gearty, John Scriven, Peter Jones Charlotte Smith, Jacqueline Laing, Nick Spencer (ed), Maleiha Malik, Roger Trigg, David McIlroy

Reproduced by kind permission from Theos - the public theology think tank

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