Week beginning: 23rd March, 2014

By Mark Barrell | Bury St Edmunds

I rejoice at your word, like one who finds great spoil.

Psalm 119: 162 (ESV)

Collections of words that make law and guide our daily actions and study are an everyday acquaintance for the lawyer and law student.

Some words are so familiar that we don't need to turn to them as we study the law, or guide and advise clients, or make judgements. There are times though when we need to turn to the books, or more likely our computers, to search out a particular act, case, regulation or instrument. Finding the answer can at times be helpful although not always joyful.

One volume that we should all have readily available is a Bible. Some of you may have one close by for an affidavit, or because your workplace requires one. But rather than being a book of potential help or acquaintance, we need to see it as an everyday necessity to be read and treasured.

Why? Because what is found there is sweeter than honey and more precious than gold. Some words are so well known to us that we can rejoice and ponder on them without opening the book. But it is the whole counsel God that we should be delighting in, the tough bits as well! And as we do this each day we will discover new treasures in which we, like the Psalmist, will rejoice.

Prayer Points

1. Give thanks for God's word and pray for one another that we would make time to spend time each day delighting in and treasuring it.

2. Pray for Sir Jeremy Cooke and Mark Barrell, currently on a two week tour of our partners in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya seeing their work. Sir Jeremy is also giving various talks - to judges, lawyers and students.